Candle Making Kit

A candle making kit is the quickest way to have a go at candle making, because it will contain all you need to make a few candles.

The good thing about bees wax candle making is that it is relatively easy to make them. Why is that?

Well, beeswax is softer than your usual paraffin wax and if you use sheets of Beeswax they can be rolled around a wick or shapes cut out and stacked together.

Of course your beeswax candle making kit will contain patterns and instructions but once you have tried those, and got to
grips with the basics, you are only limited by your imagination.

Some kits come with coloured sheets of bees wax, blue, yellow, red, pink, green for example. So you could get creative with those colours!

This is a great way to spend some quality creative time with the children and your candle making kit.

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